Pledge Music

Hey Guys,

We are thrilled to be using PledgeMusic to raise funds to support our eagerly awaited fourth album ‘Down Among the Dead Men’! Its been quite a crazy year or two since releasing ‘The Ties That Bind’ – from a wonderful summer playing festivals up and down the country to supporting Bellowhead on their final farewell tour last April – its been really great fun. 

We’ve spent the winter hard at work down the folk mine; delving into dusty old manuscripts and piecing together old tunes and songs into something we can be really proud of – its a long process but an incredibly challenging and rewarding one. Its always an artists dream to make your last piece of work your best yet – we’ll be releasing new content along the way on here so we’ll leave you to be the judge of that. 

Mawkin are not supported in anyway by a record label, management or agent; everything we do, we do it ourselves. When it comes to releasing an album, there are so many hidden costs involved, which usually a label would cover, but these costs can be so expensive for a self-funded band like us! Among many things, you’ll make it possible for us to actually physically make this album – otherwise it’ll be just a download! and with a bit more support you’ll make it possible for us to tour in November and to be able to really promote it the best we can and give the music the best possible chance to be heard. 

There are a lot of exciting goodies available from little hand made felt Mawkin’s to climbing up a mountain with Crump! Home-made craft ale from Lee to handmade luxury CD holders from James – we’re really offering unique stuff here so please get involved and share it with your mates – we hope you’ll find something you love! Click on the link below or the Pledge Music tab on this site!

Thanks for all of your support,