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A Fond Farewell 

This is a sad message to send but after 16 amazing years we've decided to call it a day. 

We've had a really good time being Mawkin in all its various incarnations over the years; starting out as a trio and driving to Dartmoor Folk Festival crammed into a Citroën 2CV, to the years of playing good ol instrumental English folk before it was fashionable(!) with Alex Goldsmith, then a few years fronted by Devonshire folk god Jim Causley where we got our kit off for fRoots Magazine and picked up a few BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominations. Finally we settled in as the band we know and love now, performing on BBC1, ITV, supporting Bellowhead on their final farewell tour to 40,000 people and releasing two awesome folk rock albums. Its been an amazing journey. 

Family commitments have ultimately put an end to our fun and frolics; over the past two years its become increasingly hard to find time to put into the band as our families grow and our career paths change and so we've decided to call time on Mawkin. 

We are all looking forward to the remaining gigs and intend to make them our best shows yet so we hope you can come along for the party, unfortunately James will not be able to make the March tour because he is expecting another child so we will be enlisting Ciaran Algar to play some fiddle for us. Please come out and support us on our final tour (links below) our last ever gig will be at Priddy Folk Festival in July. 

We hope you will not be too upset with us for calling time on the band. Mawkin would have been nothing without the support of our amazing fans over the years, we are all incredibly grateful to you for coming with us on this journey and want to thank you all for being part of it. 


Mawkin x


New 'Blind Fiddler Video' 

Probably our most ambitious video we've ever done; its got a drone in it! (How cool is that?) Massive thanks to Royal Gunpowder Mills for letting us film at this amazing location. Please share if you like it! 

'Blind Fiddler' is from our new album #DownAmongTheDeadMen which is released this friday! You can pre-order the album here: 



cheers guys!


November Tour Dates! 

Hey Guys! 

We hit the road next month! Look here is a flyer to prove it! Come along, have a look at our shows page and get yourself a ticket.




Pledge Music 

Hey Guys,

We are thrilled to be using PledgeMusic to raise funds to support our eagerly awaited fourth album ‘Down Among the Dead Men’! Its been quite a crazy year or two since releasing ‘The Ties That Bind’ – from a wonderful summer playing festivals up and down the country to supporting Bellowhead on their final farewell tour last April – its been really great fun. 

We’ve spent the winter hard at work down the folk mine; delving into dusty old manuscripts and piecing together old tunes and songs into something we can be really proud of – its a long process but an incredibly challenging and rewarding one. Its always an artists dream to make your last piece of work your best yet – we’ll be releasing new content along the way on here so we’ll leave you to be the judge of that. 

Mawkin are not supported in anyway by a record label, management or agent; everything we do, we do it ourselves. When it comes to releasing an album, there are so many hidden costs involved, which usually a label would cover, but these costs can be so expensive for a self-funded band like us! Among many things, you’ll make it possible for us to actually physically make this album – otherwise it’ll be just a download! and with a bit more support you’ll make it possible for us to tour in November and to be able to really promote it the best we can and give the music the best possible chance to be heard. 

There are a lot of exciting goodies available from little hand made felt Mawkin’s to climbing up a mountain with Crump! Home-made craft ale from Lee to handmade luxury CD holders from James – we’re really offering unique stuff here so please get involved and share it with your mates – we hope you’ll find something you love! Click on the link below or the Pledge Music tab on this site!

Thanks for all of your support, 


New Album! 

Hey Guys!

We're currently writing a new album and will be looking to release it in November this year! We're meeting up tomorrow to get the last bits of writing done, recording it in June and then fingers crossed (and with a bit of your help) it should be released later this year! We've got an 11 date tour booked and will be releasing details of that ASAP too! So please keep checking back! Things are about to get a hell of a lot busier for us over the next few months!



Re-Release of 'The Fair Essex' on sale now!  

Almost 10 years on from its original release, we're delighted to announce we've done a re-release of our debut album 'The Fair Essex'! This is where it all began folks, a much folkier affair than our latest output we hope you like it! It's in a cardboard sleeve and comes in at the fantastically cheap price of £7.99 You can order your copy now!  

Please share it around! It'll definitely make a great stocking filler!

October Tour Dates! 

Its crazy how you finish one tour and before you know it your back on the road again! We had a fantastic time in September playing in London, Leicester, Doncaster, Newcastle and Liverpool. We're off on a bit of a south west themed tour - Surrey, Oxford, Bath, Penzance and Exeter! Very much looking forward to playing to you all!
Heres the flyer! Please share it around guys!


Dave et Mawkin

September Tour Dates! 

Hey Guys!

Here are all of our tour dates for September! Would be lovely to see you there! The Newcastle one is a self promote so any help with spreading the word with that one would be greatly appreciated!


David et Mawkin

Autumn Tour! 

We're super excited to tell you we have put together two short tours for you guys.The first tour is concentrating mainly on the North! From the 7th - 11th of September, it starts in London (our only London date this year) and then we head up North! Playing in Leicester, Doncaster, Newcastle and Liverpool - if you live in these areas please get in touch if you want to help out with putting out flyers, posters etc in exchange for some free tickets! 

The second tour is our South West tour starting at Epsom on the 26th and then heading over to Oxford, Bath, Penzance before finally finishing in Honiton in Devon. Again if you live in these areas please get in touch if you want to help us promote it for free tickets! 
As ever we love hearing from you guys so please stay in touch via our facebook page, or if you want to connect with other Mawkin fans you can join the join the fan page group here 

If you haven't yet got yourself a copy of our NEW album you can buy a copy from us here